DLx Dual Grade Laser

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Technical specification


Is designed to be an allround Dual Grade Laser with two specific features -ease of use and reliability. The two control panels, one behind each grade direction, are identical and easy to understand. No more wondering if you are adjusting the right direction.


has an in-built battery pack with 100 hours of operation on each 7 hour charge. A charge over the weekend gives a working week’s operation. The integrated tilt foot allows for the full -5% to +20% grade range without extra accessories. These features make the DLx the perfect choice for rental operation or the professional contractor.

Perfect beam at 1200RPM

The DLx uses the same optics as the AMA AC1 Pipe Laser, ensuring a strong, visible and perfectly round beam for 500m radius working range. The rotation speed can be set up to 1200rpm to give maximum stability for machine control systems.

Large grade range

We wanted to have a large X grade range, -5% to +20%, and still keep small, well protected windows. The solution is a second tilted 5/8" thread for X grades between 10% and 20%. No extra accessories needed.

Rental robust - Built to last

We designed the DLx for reliability and longevity. A shock proof, rubber suspended mechanism is mounted in a rugged cast aluminium housing. The DLx is designed for a life of 10 years, going right against the trend in the industry. Each unit is individually shock tested and temperature calibrated. The windows are small, thick and recessed to minimize the risk of breakage.

User friendly operation

The DLx has two identical displays, one behind each grade direction. Easy to understand, avoids mistakes. Grade can be dialed in digit by digit, or just press + for accelerating grade. The MODE button will let you select rotation speed.

In-built battery with 60hrs capacity

Exchangeable battery packs are lost or cause problems with dirt and water getting at connectors. The DLx is powered by an in-built battery with 100 hours capacity per 7 hour charge.

Tilt and other features

You can easily activate the TILT function to protect yourself against accidental movement of the laser setup. The DLx will shut off and warn if hit or if one tripod leg sinks. TILT is activated on the user configuration menu (press the MODE button a few seconds). Here you can also switch between automatic levelling or manual, you can mirror the Y axis grade for easy grading of both cambers, and you can lock the keyboard for added protection. The user configuration menu also contains other useful features: Wind sensitivity - In windy conditions or heavy ground vibration, you can make the self levelling less sensitive to allow you to carry on with the work. You do this by selecting WIND. You can go the other way by selecting FINE for extra high precision under very stable conditions.

Alignment scope - As an option, the DLx can be factory equipped with a rifle style alignment scope for accurate alignment of the main axis. To enable maximum precision, the DLx`s main axis can be field calibrated to the alignment scope using the SCOPE function.

House - When using the alignment scope, accuracy is increased if the DLx housing is level. Select HOUSE to give you bubble indicators in X and Y to help you level the DL housing.

Remote control - Optional

The remote control is designed for three specific tasks:
1. Working the display controls when the DL is mounted on a high rise tripod. You have full control over all parameters from the remote.
2. Working the DL from the cab of a machine. You can mirror the Y grade and shut the laser off.
3. Alignment of the main axis. You can stand with a detector on a pole 50m from the DL and align the main axis using the remote control.


Intergrated rubber handle

The DLx is delivered with charger in a robust carrying case. We offer a variety of hand held detectors. Optional accessories include 12V cable.
DLx Dual Grade Laser
DLx Dual Grade Laser
DLx Dual Grade Laser
DLx Dual Grade Laser
DLx Dual Grade Laser
DLx Dual Grade Laser
DLx Dual Grade Laser
DLx Dual Grade Laser
DLx Dual Grade Laser
DLx Dual Grade Laser
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