Block mounted fixed LVS-3BMF

Loadscan Fixed — LVS-3BMF (Fixed Truck Measurement)

The Loadscan® Fixed Load Volume Scanner is perfect for applications where there is a permanent site office. The fixed truck measurement unit is hardwired to the office giving instant load data access to the operations staff, as well as the added convenience of out-of-the-weather operation. The standard Loadscan® Fixed Load Volume Scanner truck measurement unit includes a concrete pre-cast mounting block, however custom solutions for unique mounting points can easily be catered for.


More information

  • Flexible cabling/component layout to suit site-specific permanent installation requirements
  • Operator console set up in site office or kiosk as required
  • RFID Tag Reader for automatic vehicle identification and auto response prompting
  • Fold down pole structure for easy maintenance and servicing
  • Mains (line) power configuration for ‘always on’ system.


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