We’re Obsessed With Accurate Information!

Our business is about improving the profitability of our global customers across the mining, civil, bark, mulch and compost industries.

Over 20 years ago we invented and patented the original load volume scanner, and since then we have been the market leader in providing certified* accurate and reliable load information. In fact, we’re the only volumetric scanning manufacturer with internationally recognized Weights and Measurement Certifications*. It ensures that when we measure your load you can be confident it’s absolutely accurate to +/-1%. It’s your guarantee of peace of mind.

Our advanced volume scanning and measurement systems provide the detailed insights necessary for you to optimise your production loading and throughput. Loadscan technology is enabling improved operational and financial performance for forward-thinking companies across the world. We’ve sold our systems globally into 40 countries, and that’s growing fast!

In 2021 Loadscan created Mine Payload Technologies, a specialist mining division within the company, to deliver deeper insights and added value to the sector.

If you have loads to be measured, no matter where you are, you can rely on Loadscan. BECAUSE NO-ONE DOES IT MORE ACCURATELY THAN US.

Contact us today to find out how we can transform your operational performance.

See our Loadscan solutions!

Loadscan Mobile — LVS-3TMM

Conveyor Volume Scanner (CVS)

Loadscan Head Unit — MPS-3CMX

LoadScan Portable — LVS-3BMP

MyScanner™ Cloud Service

Block mounted fixed LVS-3BMF

mobile Solar Power Trailer (SPT)

LoadTrak In-Cab Console

Overview Load Management Software

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