Conveyor Volume Scanner (CVS)

Enhanced production control and effective stockpile management

Loadscan’s Conveyor Volume Scanner (CVS) measures and reports on bulk flow to give you enhanced production control and effective stockpile management. It’s a viable measurement alternative to traditional weight-based systems and, with a measurement accuracy better than 98.5%, the CVS enables accurate, real-time inventory tracking and reporting.

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The CVS provides highly accurate volume measurement, enabling you to set batching and job staging. It can be programmed to start job and stop belt when your target volume is reached, providing you with greater control over your production.

It’s a non-contact technology, eliminating the need for regular and costly recalibration. The system allows for external digital and analogue (4-20mA) input and output.

Available in three sizes, the CVS conveyor scanner can be adjusted to mount easily on a variety of belt sizes, providing maximum flexibility to suit your conveyor system. The user-friendly operator interface ensures simple implementation and delivers powerful operational reporting.

The CVS allows you to monitor and operate your conveyor belt on the fly, enabling better decision-making based on accurate, real-time data feeds.


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